Smoke and Fennel

What on earth is smoke & fennel? Well, it’s a blog made by me.

I’m Zac & I’ve been working as a chef for 6 years, and last month, I hung up my apron.. kinda. I still work part-time, but I am now studying Communications. Hospitality is a baller industry, it’s a dark place where personalities collide, and emotions are high. I’ve decided to focus on this blog in my spare time, as a hobby, as practice for my communications degree & because I fucking love hospitality.

Think of this as a hospitality lifestyle blog, for people who hate people and waking up early (Unless you’re a cafe worker, in that case *oh my god* thank you can I have another shot please). I’m currently living in Melbourne, and I like to eat out a lot and drink, and talk to a lot of chefs. I’m hoping to get some insider looks into other kitchens and talk about what others in the industry do to unwind.

Thats really it for now, I’m hoping to develop a voice for myself and a structure to this blog. If you’re reading this, thank you and lets begin.



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